About Affinity Hospice

Our mission
Affinity Hospice provides compassionate and palliative care to our patients as well as supporting the spiritual and emotional needs of the entire family. We recognize the importance of the relationships with our employees, referral sources and the communities we serve.

What is Hospice?

For patients with a life-limiting illness, hospice is about managing their life..

Our patients decide how and where they will spend the life they have left; and they can choose what benefits they would like to receive.

Our mission is pain and symptom management. Affinity Hospice care is delivered by a qualified team of doctors, professional nurses, social workers, chaplains, hospice aides and volunteers. In addition to helping you live your days pain free, this team also assists you and your family to prepare for the days ahead. This preparation can include everything from putting your affairs in order to helping your loved ones through their grief. Affinity Hospice allows you to manage your life the way you want.

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